• Samsung needed several mobile apps to help employees in their Brick and Mortar stores take inventory and help customers make purchases without a cash register

  • Samsung wanted to adopt LeanUX and agile practices to take home to their team in Korea


  • October - November 2015
  • I paired with two designers on the UX and visual design, two product managers and 6 developers


  • Designed and developed a suite of 5 apps
  • Team regularly updates us from Korea sharing their pairing and XP agile practices

This interview with Pivotal Labs was shown at their annual meeting in Korea with thousands of people sharing the positive experience Samsung had with us in San Francisco. My interview is at 3:40.


I joined this project mid-stream to pickup where another colleage left off. Unfortunately we could not talk with stakeholders or future employees of the Samsung stores. I interviewed former Apple Store employees and created a fake store in the office to mimic the physical inventory and register experience.


The primary task on this project was to design the UX for the Login, Inventory, and Orders apps and transition all the apps from wireframes to visuals.  


Sales associates use this app to scan and manually count items in the warehouse before opening or closing the store.


Sales associates use this app to make payment transactions with custoemrs in the store.


Sales associates use this app to request items from a runner who can get items from the warehouse. This helps the sales associate can stay with the customer.


A runner uses this app to get items from the stock room out to a sales associate working with a customer in the store.


The project ended when the Samsung team returned to Korea. We collaborated on all parts of the process and maintained the transition remotely for a few weeks until they were setup in their home office.